Shutdown NETWORKED Pc's !!

You wanna mess around with your school network?
You wanna own the shit out of some kiddies who think they're the best?
Well thankfully there's the shutdown function in cmd First of all you need to have access to a cmd prompt on the network for this to work.
If it's disabled you can obviously run everything from .bat files.
So first type in CMD[command prompt]:Net ViewThis will give you all the names for all the computers on the network.
Then you want to find a target and write it down, so for example a name is //PC1 then you will utilize that name to shutdown the computer.
What next?
Well if you're a lil skiddy yourself then the easiest thing to do is type in Command prompt shutdown -i which will give you a gui interface and you'll be able to shutdown whichever computer you want with it, you can set a time, even throw in a funny comment like "I have Hacked your Pc" or something else Smile.commands you will use if you just wanna use the command interface are Command:shutdown -m //computername- shutsdown the pc.Command:shutdown -m -c "owned"shutdown with a comment.Command:shutdown -llogoff the user.Command:shutdown -r restart the computer.


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